Discovery of an American continent - USA history

In ancient times, in contact with the Old American continent.

Discovery in each cultural sphere.

■ The indigenous people of America.

An aborigine of the Americas is more likely to be the human species who lived first in the American continent including a Paleo-Indians(Progenitor of the Indian), an American Indian(Asian race Indian) and the Nativo. They are considered to have achieved movement from an overland route and the Asian Continent to the American continent via the Beringia isthmus at the Last glacial period around B.C. 12000(B.C. 10 millennium or before) belonging to the late Paleolithic period.

■ Norman people

The Icelander/German line Norman's(a Viking's sect) mariner and Leif Ericson, and convoy, It arrived at the sea route and the American continent via Iceland and Greenland at the end of the 10th century (A few before in the return's 1000 year). It discovered as the new world for the first time as human beings of the history age. They went along the eastern part seashore south, and advanced to Newfoundland etc. They discovered the New continent and they called it "new world, Vinland" and tried domiciliation. However most of them stop the colonize without repeating a generation during a short term.

■ European (Norman people other than).

Europeans other than a Norman arrived at American ocean space for the first time by Christopher Columbus in 1492 year. It is the exploration project which had greatest influence in the history age at future generations.
It was the San Salvador Island that Columbus reached in 1492 year, and it was not a American continent. Actual American continent attainment was 1498 year.

Ancient times from Columbus --- There is also an opinion that Saint Brendan of Clonfert(it will be older than Leif Ericsson in the 5th further about century if it is a fact) in the first half of the 6th century, and Wales prince MADOC in 1170 had reached. However, these are decorated heavily to legend, historical fact is not clear.

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